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Tips to help with Wedding Day Jitters!

The day is finally here and emotions are running rapidly as you go through the motions of getting ready for your BIG Day. "Why?" you ask. Your  wedding is one of the most important days of your life; lifelong commitment and the excitement alone can have you nervous. 

Everyone is swarming around you and you are the spotlight in everyone's eye but naturally you do not want to alarm anyone of the feelings you are having. Let's be real you do not even know what they mean. Just yesterday you were basking in the glory of being a married woman to your perfect man. Nothing but bliss, smiles, and laughter filled your face. Out of nowhere here comes these feelings of nervousness, insecurities, and a gloom. As a planner we have witnessed many emotions when a person realizes, "This is really happening!" 

Trust us, You are not ALONE! Many women have wedding day jitters. The realization that you will be professing your love in front of hundreds of people. Walking down the aisle with eyes glued directly on you is enough to be nervous. The key is to just do it! Remember why this day is so important and forget the rest. 

Here are our 5 tips to help you relax on your wedding day:

1. Create a photo album full of candids of you and your soon to be husband prior to your wedding day. Take a moment and relive all of the moments that led to this day. A trip down memory lane will instantly bring a smile to your face. Only you will know the details behind each picture.

2. Get your soon to be husband involved and create videos for each other where you are expressing your love for one another. After all he is your best friend and in times of confusion he is the one to calm you down. To be able to hear his voice will soothe those erratic emotions.

3. Music! Keep your dressing room fun and filled your best girls dancing and having a good time. We call it Prep Music. Everyone has that playlist that gets their day going; whether it's Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, or Coldplay. You have those particular songs that take you back to a certain time and place.

4. Let's take it old school and create heartfelt letters! Everyone loves a good old fashioned letter; write each other a sealed letter only to be opened on wedding day. Find a nice quiet spot to read his letter imagining his voice as if he was reading it to you. 

5. If you must! Most Brides are traditional on the sense of not seeing their groom until the first look or when she walks down that aisle. One exception if you must be near your loved one; have someone walk you both to a location where a door or curtain conceals you from seeing each other but you are able to hold hands and talk. 

This is your day! The day you get to look your partner in the eye and confess your love by words and action of commitment. That single moment in your life that makes you understand that above anything else Love Wins!