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Top 10 Myths About Your Wedding Day

He asked. You said, "Yes!" Now you have become a part of the bride-to-be club. With 1,000's of weddings happening every year, as with anything, there are myths about what you need for your BIG DAY! We asked some of the top wedding professionals in the Munaluchi Coterie a myths they hear a lot from engaged couples; here are the top 10:

1.   “My wedding officiant is just going to be at the wedding for 15-20 minutes.” writes Rev. Roxy owner of MARRIED by REV ROXY. In actuality your officiant creates a custom ceremony and on average spends a minimum of 2 hours on the wedding day at your wedding. Added services such as blessing the food at the reception is a common option as well.

2.  I hear all the time, "It don't cost that much to have a wedding." says Carolyn Jones owner of CFJ Elegant Events. Cost of an entire wedding is relative to what you personally think is A LOT of money. Weddings range from exquisite events hitting $1mil dollars to quaint elopements with you, your fiance, and 2 witnesses.

3.   "I have wedding photos I don’t need a video," recalls Ben from Yamean Studios Film. Video of your wedding day allows you to directly relive the day full of the emotions of each moment. From the first look reaction to the women fighting over the bouquet. A good cinematographer also catches those moments you may have missed.

4.    "We don't need a wedding planner, we have a venue coordinator." states Denise Reed Kelly owner of All RelEvents. Your venue coordinator and wedding planner should compliment each other and create a seamless wedding day when they work together. Focusing on different tasks; venue coordinator the "back of the house" duties and wedding planner the "front of the house" duties.

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5.  “It’s just paper and it’s not important,” states Ndidi Ayoola owner of Oda Creative. Stationery often times sets the tone for your entire event and is a keepsake (plus of course in this day and age it’s not just paper anymore - it’s acrylic, wood, velvet you naaaaammmmeee it!)

6. “I don’t need a makeup artist. I can just do it myself,” remembers Omega Mighty owner of Doll Face Dredie.  Booking a professional makeup service, not only for yourself but also your wedding party members, you’ll have uniformity in your photos that you can look back on and love 10 years later.

7. “I don’t want flowers. I’d rather use candles or greenery because it’ll be cheaper,” says Victoria Lartey-Williams owner of Victorious Events NYC. But in reality the amount of candlelight or foliage they’ll need in order to achieve the look they want can rival the cost of florals. Brides think they are going to save money by opting for anything other than flowers, but that’s simply not the case. If you want a wedding that looks opulent, it’s going to cost you no matter what.

8.  "We shouldn't have to pay for vendors to eat at our reception," remembers Brandi B Posh owner of B Posh Event Planning. Your wedding vendors spend 12+ hours on the day of your wedding working to give you the best service and giving a meal makes that service better. As you will not have to deal with hungry tired vendors. 

9.  "I just want a few pictures of me and my fiancé. We don’t really care too much about the rest," says Nana Annan owner of Nana Annan Photography. A Photographer's fee is based on the number of hours spent preparing, number of sessions, actual hours that day capturing, and editing hours. The amount of people doesn't have a factor unless they need more photographers to capture your wedding.

10. "I can be the Bride and a Wedding Planner," recalls Alicia Smith owner of ILE Events. Being a bride is a full day task in itself. From high emotions to beauty prep; you can not yield mishaps, setup ceremony and receptions spaces, answers vendor questions, deal with guest requests as well. This is your day to be a Queen relax and allow yourself to bask in the moment. It's only one of the most life changing commitments you will make...

Well there you have it. 10 of the top myths about your wedding. Hope this clears up a lot of questions you may have had when you began planning your wedding!