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When a Wedding Planner is Pregnant

2017 seemed like the year to welcome bundles of joy for many wedding industry pros. So many social media posts of baby bumps and newborn photos from some of the best wedding pros brought happiness to my timeline. Included in this lineup was our lead planner Alicia Smith; on August 28, 2017 she welcomed baby girl Royal Bernard. 


Awaiting Royal's big arrival was both exciting and (let's be honest) a little stressful. With upcoming weddings & events and the unpredictable adventures of pregnancy as a wedding planner your contingency plan is important. Here are our top 3:

1. Having an efficient Staff! 

A staff and creative partners that can step up just in case an emergency is essential to the success of any wedding. Very, very essential when the lead planner may be unavailable at any moment. This also helps your clients feel more comfortable and secure with their wedding day plans.

2. Creating a detailed itinerary!

To better help your staff and creative partners have a detailed itinerary in place that they can follow. This can be created as the Wedding Day timeline with information like music, setup times, contact info for each partner, and must haves. 


3. Communication!!!

As always open communication with everyone involved is key. Once you are in the clear with a healthy pregnancy (usually after 1st trimester) inform all of your clients and creative partners about your pregnancy. This will give everyone enough time to make any necessary changes. If the wedding/event is within 1 month of the delivery date meet with clients to discuss who will take point on day of their event and your backup procedures.  

Bringing a new life to this world is just as important as celebrating life; so be sure to take precautionary measures in taking care of your little one in the oven. Do not feel bad to enjoy every moment as well!

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