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10 Expected Expenses for Bridesmaids

It's an exciting time when your friends get engaged. As soon as you hear the news you begin to visualize your friend walking down the aisle in a beautiful Vera Wang wedding gown. Fast forward to your proposal from your newly engaged friend. The Bride-to-be wants you to by her side as a bridesmaid; will you say yes or no? Before you commit to the honor of being a bridesmaid we list 10 expenses you can expect as a bridesmaid.


1. Bridesmaid Dress. 

Oh, the lovely bridesmaids dress. Depending on the design & if the bride allows the bride squad to choose the dress; this can cost $150 - $500.

2. Alterations.

So we have the dresses picked out. Now time to get them altered to fit your body type perfectly. Alterations can cost from $60 - $300. This cost depends on dress fabric, layers, and alterations needed.

3. Shoes.


Well, you can't walk down the aisle in your old scuffed shoes. A pair of shoes are needed to match the bridesmaid dress. Be sure to confirm with the Bride type of shoes: Flats or Heels. Depending on your style shoes can range from $50 - $1500 (if red bottoms are required!) 

4. Jewelry.

Every woman knows an outfit isn't complete without accessories. Depending on the style of your dress you will need earrings, necklace, and bracelet to accessorize. 

5. Day of Wedding Beauty.

This includes professionally having your hair, makeup, and nails done. The bride invested in the hottest photographer and videographer so on her day you will look your absolute best! This can total $250 - $500 depending on style desired. 

6. Bridal Shower.

Ultimately it is up to the Maid of Honor to plan the bridal shower; but the bridesmaids are expected to chip in for the costs. 

7. Bachelorette Party

To have the ultimate instagram-worthy #BrideSquad trip is the goal, right? With flights, hotel accommodations, activities, and splitting all of the costs for the Bride. The range for price depends on location of the bachelorette party. Popular bachelorette party locations are Las Vegas, Miami, and exclusive island getaways. 

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8. Transportation.

If the wedding location is far from your home; you may need a flight and car rental to attend the actual wedding. As soon as the bride knows her wedding venue location be sure to factor in travel costs.

9. Hotel.

As stated above, if the wedding location is far from your home you will need somewhere to Sleep the night of the wedding. Being in the Bridal Party is a long day and you will want a comfy bed to crash in after the wedding.


10. Wedding Gifts.

Yes, you read that correctly giftS. The bridal shower gift and the wedding gift. It is customary to bring a gift for the bride to be at her bridal shower and then a gift for the couple at the wedding. Each gift can range from $50 - $$$ (depending on gift)

We have listed 10 expenses to expect if you commit to being a bridesmaid. Remember being a bridesmaid is a commitment! A wedding is the most important day of your friends' life and yes she would love for you to be by her side during the journey to the Big Day. She will also love for you to be upfront and understand the commitment; if you can not commit its just as special to witness the union between her and her husband to be.


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