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2017: Year of Change for this Wedding Planner

As I have a few moments in between cooking my New Year's Eve dinner; I'm reminded of how the beginning of 2017 and the end of 2017 drastically changed for me as a Wedding Planner! (BTW I'm cooking Glazed Salmon, Lemon Honey Salmon, King Crab Legs, Black Eyed Peas, Lobster Mac N' Cheese, and String Beans for my friends; Married By Rev Roxy; and my family.....wish you were here to join us!) Back to my drastic change....



At the beginning of 2017, I got married in an intimate setting,  I was determined and focused on building Touched By Innocence but then the news and difficulties of my daughter, Royal, baking in the oven halted those plans. It was a beautiful blessing, something my determination to succeed did not realize until the 6th month of pregnancy. I have rarely discussed the risk of losing Royal I went through during this time. I know I had 1 client booked that I wasn't going to let down. Good thing the bride was a Millennial! I was able to answer her texts and emails while throwing up and being on bed rest (ha, ha, ha) without her feeling neglected. One doctors appointment conflicted with one of the bride's dress fitting and I felt super horrible about it. I made sure I was at every other fitting and readily available. I loved how my bundle of joy was accepted by my client and the connection we made they were one of the first to see my newborn when she was born 1 month after their wedding day! 


What a Change in my life with a newborn and a being a newlywed!

The determination to build my company did not stop though! I am passionate about spreading love throughout the community through celebrations. As I continued to build my brand my fellow Refine community of planners and Maria Bayer helped me realize to truly do this I needed to re-brand and change the name of the company Touched By Innocence. As hard and reluctant I was at first about the CHANGE; the mission of the company was more important than the name. I wanted the name to resonate with our clientele. So I introduced ILÉ EVENTS on December 4, 2017. The feedback was wonderful and I can see the CHANGE for my company in the 1st week!

ILÉ Events FB Banner.png

As I look forward to 2018 with our new White Glove services and the loyal team members. We are ready to serve our 2018 couples with ease.  Browse our website and text/email us to find out how ILÉ EVENTS can assist you for your wedding! 

 P.S. Oh yea I totally forgot! This year we also became published on Munaluchi Bride and voted Best of Weddings 2018 from The Knot! It was a good year!!!! 

P.P.S. For other Wedding Planners who want to know how I got my Wedding Business on track... this year Jewel Georgieff's Facebook Group and E-Book Price to Plan has helped me alot! 


Happy New Year! We can not wait to CONNECT with you! 

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