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Christmas Shopping While Wedding Planning

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Like everyone, or almost everyone, I am so in love with the Christmas holiday.

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But it occurred to me that being engaged and planning a wedding during this season can make it one of the most stressful times of the year. That’s even more stressful if you’re the “go all out for Christmas” type of person like I am. Let’s be real! Can I be real? You can’t be shelling out money for gift after gift when you’re getting married. It’s too much! 

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Here’s a truth - the people in your life will understand! You are stressing about it and they, if they accept and understand you’re getting married, have no real expectation of you getting some crazy gift. And even if they do, there’s no better time than the present (no pun intended) to let everyone know you and your fiancé just can’t swing it this year. And even if you just had a wedding, you may not be able to swing it.

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So here’s a Brittany’s BridalBook’s© Guide to Christmas Shopping During and
After Wedding Planning – 

Let’s start with the easier of the two - post-wedding. So you just got married and whew how the months have flown by. Your wedding was wonderful and you’re basking in the glow of your love. If you’re a thankful and grateful bride and groom (see Grateful, Thankful, & Wedding Planning), you’ll both be continuously saying “thank you” and wanting to show how grateful you are to each and every person that played some part in your
wedding. But there’s also the little fact that . . . you and your new spouse have just spent thousands on a wedding and honeymoon and need to take it easy. Don’t fret! You can cut your gifts in half and do something meaningful for those helping hands who meant so much to your wedding.

Can you say pictures?! Ah-ha! It never occurred to you did it? Right after the wedding, everyone who’s anyone (even people who weren’t invited and you didn’t even know knew you were getting married) is going to want to see photos. Instead of just sending the link or showing a few on your cell phone, give those special ones a beautifully framed photo from the wedding. Whether it’s a great shot of you and your spouse or a
special one that includes the person you’re gifting, this turns a regular gift to a memorable one.

You can switch it up with an ornament or a photo album (that can get expensive so you may want to save that for your parents). Whatever you do, you’ve cut the gifting price in half and put the worry to an end. Yay!

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Oh and you can include your guests, whom you’ve already sent a lovely thank you card to, with a Christmas card with a picture from the wedding so they can be included in the memories. Whether you get the card custom made or attach one in your purchased cards, it’s also a win!

While you’re engaged, it can get a little tricky. You are BUDGETING to the heavens and even then you still may have a few surprises or two. So what to do about gifting for the upcoming seasons? Pre-game. Whaaaa?!!! I know. Not the drinking version but hey that’s an idea too! So here goes with some pre-game ideas –

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If you haven’t asked your gals or pals yet . . . This is the perfect opportunity! Can you say two for one? You ask them to be your bridesmaids and groomsmen with a gift and boom MERRY CHRISTMAS! Grab a bottle and add a “will you be my . . .” label, make a box or basket full of goodies, or get a t-shirt made. The ideas are endless. They won’t be expecting anything else and will be just thrilled to be by your side at your upcoming wedding day. If you have already asked your gals and pals to stand by your side. . . You can
always pre-game with wedding paraphernalia. Be it t-shirts for the engagement party or bachelorette party, custom buttons or jewelry for the bridal shower, or relaxation kits in prep for the wedding events, your gals and pals will be given a gift that’s directly connected to getting pumped for the wedding. And oh, the parents can be included in this also! Those “mother of the bride” mugs are always a hit. Your mom can drink her coffee and brag too. There’s something for everyone!

BUDGET-wise, you’re spreading out your thank-you gifts for your bridal party. Thus, causing you to spend less on these gifts on the back end or closer to the wedding date when you’ll be spending the most money all at once. 


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For more ideas, be sure to check out Brittany’s BridalBook’s© Favorite Things every Thursday and Friday for amazing items and vendors for Christmas and throughout your wedding planning experience. 
Now that’s how you effectively purchase during this holiday season when you are all about the wedding! CONGRATS! Happy Planning! Happy Holiday Shopping!

With Love,
Brittany Gail Thomas
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