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Grateful, Thankful, & Wedding Planning

‘Tis the season again! But before we even get to the Christmas hustle and bustle, there’s Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving often gets overlooked other than it being a grand-ole time to eat lots of food and getting to the Christmas shopping.  Then it’s on to the main event . . . Christmas.  It’s all a blur.  We know that song and dance all too well.  But why not take advantage of this Thanksgiving season? 


We understand.  It’s been a world wind for you. You got engaged to the one you love and you were catapulted into planning an event that captures that love. It’s been one of the greatest and daunting experiences of your life. Whatever your take on wedding planning is today, tomorrow your perspective may be at a whole other place. Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart.  It’s the job that doesn’t pay and gives you the most gray hairs. This is why the month of November and this Thanksgiving season is sooooo important.  It’s, what I affectionately call, the Grateful & Thankful Season.

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In the Grateful & Thankful Season, the goal is to make it a point to express thankfulness and gratefulness for all the things that life has given us.  Good, bad, or indifferent, it could be worse and is for someone else.  This is especially important for those of us in the wedding planning season of our lives.  Why?  Because wedding planning innately comes with a little bit of selfishness. Sure, you’re planning this great event for your family and friends but it’s really about you (and your spouse-to-be). It’s about what you want, when you want it, how you want it, where you want it and if it doesn’t happen . . . Help us all. 
No one is denying you the right of wanting the best of and for your wedding.  Just know that it’s the one time of your life that you get to be a little selfish and no one will hold it against you too much. Even more reason for you to take this time of Thanksgiving season to make a greater effort to make it your Grateful & Thankful Season.  How do you do that?  Well, I’m glad you asked . . . .

Every day through the month of November, take a moment and name one thing you’re grateful and thankful for. Anything that you feel like being thankful and grateful for is yours to name.  It could be that you’re thankful and grateful for the sun shining this morning or that you woke up excited about your day.  Anything! 

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Most would say it is also an opportunity for you to not think about your wedding. Meaning, your grateful and thankful declarations should have nothing to do with your wedding.  But let’s be real, you may wake up and be grateful and thankful that you and your spouse-to-be are done with hiring all of your wedding vendors. Now that’s something to be thankful for!  Just be cautious about how much you’re being grateful and thankful about wedding matters.   The point of this is to remind you that it’s not just about your wedding.  So many other great things are happening for and around you.  Your wedding will be one day full of special moments.  Life will go one after it . . . .

It’s one thing to say you’re grateful and thankful for something but a whole other thing to reflect on it.  You reflect by asking yourself (1) why you choose that particular thing to be grateful and thankful for and (2) what significance it has to you.   It’s that easy . . . Name and reflect on it. 

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If you take the time to really reflect, you’ll see that the one thing has even more meaning than you originally thought.  Then you’ll also see that it will open your mind to so many other things that you’re also grateful and thankful for.  Let say, you decide today that you’re grateful and thankful for a wedding coordinator who not only listens with an open heart but also has the patience to deal with you.  From that you may also find that you’re grateful and thankful that your spouse-to-be made the final decision to pick this wedding coordinator and since choosing him/er things with your wedding planning process has gone quite smoothly. 
See how that works?!  So the next time your instinct is to go into meltdown, you’ll breathe and reflect on all of the other amazing things that are in order. But, most importantly, you’ll know that your wedding is going to be amazing.

So what’s the point?  They say if you do something continuously it becomes a habit.  Think about it.  If you make it a habit to simply say and reflect upon things you’re grateful and thankful for, it’ll become your practice to be, simply put, more grateful and thankful. 
Then when something gets on your nerves or just doesn’t go quite right in your wedding planning process, you’ll be calm (or at least calmer than your usual self).  You’ll understand that there are greater things going on in the world.  You won’t sweat the small stuff but will, instead, be grateful and thankful for the lesson.

How about that?

You’ll mature in your wedding planning experience instead of regressing into a child-like brat or, even worse, a bridezilla.

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In addition, this spirit of gratefulness and thankfulness will become apparent in your wedding.  It’ll be shown in the details of care for your guests and thoughtful gifts given to your bridal party.  It’ll be clear to your spouse-to-be that s/he hit the jackpot when you became his/er spouse and life partner. 

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This grateful and thankful thing has gotten even sexier, hasn’t it? Try it.

 It’ll look good on you! HAPPY WEDDING PLANNING!

With Love, 
Brittany Gail Thomas
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