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How to have a Noteworthy Ceremony for your Wedding

We had the chance to sit with Rev. Roxy; owner and operator of MARRIED by REV ROXY. A millennial Wedding Officiant that also served as a Chaplain in the United States Army Reserves, a Civilian Clinical Chaplain, and a cast member on Survivor: Philippines. Rev Roxy shares with our readers the key to a noteworthy wedding ceremony and introduces her Hand Fasting Wraps.


There are two very important parts of the marriage ceremony.

The first is spirituality. Every person has an essence that will be incorporated into your ceremony; symbolizing two separate people becoming one.

The second are the vows. Some couples will write personalized vows, hire someone to write their vows, or their officiant will create them to repeat. A public expression from the couple's hearts to each other in front of their friends & family. 

The biggest misconception being there is only one right way to do ceremonies. But more couples are incorporating modern and personalized symbolic ritual(s) to bring meaning to their special day. 


Rev Roxy loves exploring and learning about different cultures; secretly being a sociologist at heart.. ritual is a PERFECT place for culture.

Recently she wedded a bride of Indian decent and a groom of African decent and was able to take the Irish tradition of Hand Fasting and incorporating Kente Cloth for their hand wrap as a symbolic ritual of binding them together. As they held each others hands the cloth was wrapped around it with a knot placed at the top. During the ritual they repeated after me words such as :

" In taking this woman I hold by hand to be my wedded wife before God and these witnessesI promise to love her, to honor her and cherish her as long as we both shall live."

It actually makes me want to cry thinking about it.


Hand Fasting was commonly used in Pagan ceremonies originating in Ireland, however, today the hand fasting takes on a literal and symbolic meaning in which a couple publicly declares binding their hands together during the wedding ceremony (before, during, or after reciting their vows), often to symbolize their connection and devotion to one another. I suggest that during the binding of the hands it can be a great time to have a family member or friend read a poem or Holy Scripture that most parallels with the ritual. This would also be great for any vow renewal. 


The beauty of my handfasting wrap garment is that it can also be used as a prayer shawl and be used again for the minister during baby naming, baby dedication or christening ceremony. Recently, a customer even asked me to make one for her daughter's graduation.


How can couples get their own Hand Fasting wrap? 

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