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How To Be True To Your Heart While Wedding Planning

Growing up, we’ve all sat bright-eyed and bushy-tailed staring at a movie or tv screen as a Disney movie unlocked the doors of our imaginations and let it run wild.  As a little girl, Cinderella was the one that I’d often find myself relating to. A Beautiful girl who is often ignored is given a magical evening by her Fairy Godmother where she gets swept away by her Prince and they live happily ever after.  And the music!  The music made the movies.  “One day, my prince will come . . . ” Ohhhhh, the magic of it all.  Let’s be honest, for a lot of us Cinderella is the type of bride we always wanted to be. 

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As an adult, Disney movies still have the ability to make you feel like a kid again.  They capture the magic of love, hope, and happiness.  But instead of the movie Cinderella, Mulan has become my favorite one of all. I hear you . . . “Mulan?  Wedding?  Huh? Where is she going with this?” (insert Gary Coleman’s face and voice - “whatcha talkin’ bout” Brittany?) Hear me out . . . . Mulan isn’t about the glamour of being a princess and a bride but it’s packed full of gems.  The types of gems that impact your mind and uplift your spirit.  The types of gems that take you from the imaginative confines of childhood into the realities of adulthood.   And the theme song, “True to Your Heart” by 98 Degrees and Stevie Wonder just takes it over the top.  That song adds to the magic and its lyrics slides in extra gems of wisdom.
Wedding planning can be a long, arduous process that will send you on a rollercoaster of emotions and make you just want to elope.  But no matter what high or low you’re at while on this rollercoaster . . . you got to be “true to your heart!”  Love is a risk, a chance that you take and hope that it will lead to something worth having.  Worth having for better or worse.  Forever. Win, lose, or draw, to be in love with the one who you love the most is always worth having.  Think about it, you and your spouse-to-be have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Despite it all, you’ve chosen to stick it out, love harder, and, now, you’re both committing to forever.  You can’t get any more magical than that. 


Wedding planning often gets in the way of remembering just that.  It gets in the way of you being “true to your heart.”  They’ll be lots of opinions, obligations, considerations, and, sometimes, limitations that can turn your wedding dreams into a bit of a nightmare.  So before you start planning or when you’re in the midst of your umpteenth wedding planning breakdown, take a moment and listen to your heart.  How do you do this?  It’s simple –

1) Stop
Just STOP.  Put it down.  Put it away.  Turn it off.  Instead of pushing yourself when you’re under distress or feel stress coming on, just STOP.  There doesn’t have to be a rush.  Even a hard wedding deadline can wait for 5 to 10 more minutes so you can collect yourself.   The world will still keep going even if you STOP but your wedding cannot happen without you.  So it’s ok to STOP and just . . . .

2) Breathe
You don’t know how important it is to just BREATHE until you feel like your breath is being taken away.  When you STOP just go ahead and BREATHE. Breathe out the stress.  Breathe out the worry.  Breathe out all of the crap that’s holding you back.  Breathe deep, long breaths until your mind is clear. Inhale, peace.  Exhale, stress.  Inhale, productivity.  Exhale, distraction.  Inhale, love.  Exhale, drama.  Inhale everything positive about this journey you’re about to embark on with the love of your life.  Exhale everything that may seem like a big deal now but won’t matter once you’re married.  Your breathing may take a minute, an hour, or the rest of the day or evening. Whatever it takes.  Just BREATHE.
3) Ask yourself, “what do you want?”
Whew, what a difference a breath makes.  Sometimes, just sitting and letting your mind and heart connect after a few deep breaths is when your spirit is most clear.  Now let’s get to it . . . “What do you want?”  It seems like a simple question but many wedding coordinators will tell you most brides have no real idea of what they want.  One reason brides don’t know what they want is because they never took the time to ask themselves.  You get engaged and, in the midst of all the excitement, you just start throwing stuff together on a Pinterest Board. Then you end up with a bunch of stuff with no real importance or value. That’s why it’s important to . . . 

4) Ask yourself, “why do you want it?”
Aimlessly wanting things “just because” is not a real thing.  Not while you’re adulting.  It’s no different when you’re planning a wedding.  It’ll leave you without direction, frustrated, and make you even more frustrating to deal with.  Trust me.  Following this step, will take the “just because” out of your psyche and cut the time wasting.  You’ll stop pinning things that aren’t in step with your theme.  You’ll stop purchasing nicknacks you’re not even going to use.  You’ll stop entertaining opinions and ideas that aren’t in step with what you want as a couple for your wedding.  Then violà . . . .

Planning/Design:  @TouchedByInnocence   Photo By:  @Hak_Weddings

Planning/Design: @TouchedByInnocence

Photo By: @Hak_Weddings


5) You’re being “true to your heart”
If you’ve followed these steps, the only thing left to do is be “true to your heart.”  But what does that even mean?  You’re so tired, have so much to do, and . . . 

Being “true to your heart” is the easy part. The song has a lot of gems but here are the ones that specifically relate to you and this wedding planning journey . . .

“Someone you know is on
Your side, can set you free
I can do that for you if
You believe in me
Why second-guess
What feels so right
Just trust your heart
And you'll see the light”

. . . . 

“Your heart knows
What's good for you
(Good for you)
Let your heart show
You the way
(Ya know it's true)
It'll see you through
(True To your heart)”

. . . . 

“When things are getting' crazy
And you don't know
Where to start
Keep on believin', baby
Just be true to your heart
When all the world
Around you
It seems to fall apart
Keep on believin', baby
Just be true to your heart
(Got to be true
To your heart)”

That’s it, girl!  That’s love.  That’s your spouse-to-be.  That’s your life together. That’s your wedding vows.  This wedding planning process is just one more step to closer to “being true to heart!”  You got this!

- With Love, Brittany Gail Thomas
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