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Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts Moms Love!

There is so much preparation that goes into the details of a Baby Shower, they are by far my favorite event to attend. Everything from the theme to the color scheme are coordinated based on whether one is having a boy or a girl. Although it takes great preparation, the main purpose of the baby shower is for family and friends to bless the new baby, Mommy & Daddy with gifts they will need to welcome the baby boy or girl home. 

I have had the pleasure of both planning my own, and having a baby shower planned for me. Five years ago, I was pregnant with my first child (my daughter) and was over the moon excited. I knew exactly how I wanted the event to look, and went crazy with my gift registry. Five years later I had the opportunity to do it again with my son. This time my shower was planned for me and this time around I did my best not to go overboard with my registry as I now knew that although baby clothes and shoes are just adorable, there are more essential items that one needs. 

So when asked what my top five gifts were at my baby showers, I’d have to say the following:

1. Diapers & Wipes

Many believe diapers and wipes are an easy purchase and can be bought at any time, they may rather get clothes or shoes for their new bundle of joy. From my experience I learned quickly that babies grow fast and use the bathroom often. I saved a ton on diapers because of all the diapers in various sizes that were purchased. I also didn’t have to buy any for the first four to six months!


2. Crib

Often times we feel that putting a big ticket item on our registry doesn’t make sense, but it does. I know personally I was a bit scared that my guest would think I was crazy for putting a crib on my list, but it turns out its perfect for groups of family member to get as a combined gift.


3. Travel System (stroller & car seat)

Just like the crib, I was a bit worried about putting this on my registry but again a group of my friends chipped in to purchase the travel system.


4. Custom Gift basket filled with baby essentials (body wash,wash cloths etc.)

This was one of my absolute favorite gift from both showers. I love the time, effort, and thought put into each gift placed in the basket. Often times these baskets are filled with things we forget about. 

5. Gift cards

Now I know many times people shy away from giving gift cards as gifts, as they may feel it is a thoughtless gift. I believe it is all the contrary, it is a very thoughtful gift. My second shower took place in Pa and I now live in Florida, I couldn’t possibly travel with all of the beautiful gifts people purchased so I was very grateful for the gift cards, as not only did they travel easily, but I was able to hold on to them and use them for the baby as needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed both baby showers and the thought and effort placed into each and every gift I received, all of them were truly a blessing.

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