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The Top 5 Ways to use Paper Flowers

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! As one of nature's top creations; flowers add that pop of happiness into our lives. Now take the creativeness of an artist with the inspiration of nature and paper flowers are born. It is believed Egyptians invented the craft 5,000 years ago as Papyrus is an Egyptian word of the plant most paper flowers are mimicking. 3,000 years ago China used paper flowers as a creative channel for meditation and came to be recognized as one of the 4 arts that the high-born Chinese man strives to master (source: China Connection).

Fast forward to today as the paper flower craze continues. Danielle Gonzalez, owner of Back Drop In A Box (IG: @BackDropInABox) has mastered the magical craft of creating paper flowers & templates for others to easily create. She has over 77,000 followers on Instagram and Danielle's artwork inspires her clients to use paper flowers in amazing ways.

Here are our top 5 ways to use paper flowers: 

1. Backdrops for Dessert Tables.

2. Photo Ops

3. Home Decor

4. Centerpieces

Danielle owner of  @backdropinabox  creating 

Danielle owner of @backdropinabox creating 

5. Chair Covers 

Danielle Gonzalez, Owner @Backdropinabox

Danielle Gonzalez, Owner @Backdropinabox

One thing is for sure; when I contacted her clients they all had nothing to say but wonderful things about Danielle! Her hard work, belief in herself, and beautiful spirit allows her to continue to grow @BackDropInABox to new levels. Visit her instagram page for more inspiration and check out some of her templates available below! Happy Crafting!