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The top 5 Tips for Gender Reveal Parties

Everyone has seen the trend of Gender Reveal Parties by now. From cakes with pink or blue color inside to balloons filled with pink or blue confetti; telling your loved ones the sex of your bundle of joy has become an event on its own! 

Gender Reveals consist of guessing games, old myths, food, families getting together, and celebrating the mother to be. With guests claiming either Team Boy or Team Girl; the excitement to knowing who guessed correctly is just like the night of Christmas Eve. Below we will tell you the top 5 tips to throwing a perfectly planned Gender Reveal Party! 

1. Why have a Gender Reveal Party? 

Guessing & finding out the gender of the new addition to the family has been a "thing" for centuries. From myths about pregnancy symptoms to predictions from their loved ones every pregnant women has heard claims on what is the gender of their child from family & strangers alike. So why not have a grand reveal full of excitement and anticipation. (and hey any excuse to have a party will do as well!)   

2. When to have your Gender Reveal Party?

You can start planning your Gender Reveal as soon as you find out you are expecting. The actual date of the party should be the weekend after your 20 week Ultrasound. This is a go to date for 2 reasons: 1. you do not want to "slip" and tell your mom the gender before the party and 2. it has to be before the Baby Shower! 

3. Who to invite?

It is best to invite a small group of close friends and family that you would want to be the first to know your big surprise. Typically these are the people you would categorize as "The no questions asked invited guests" we explained in our 3 Ways to Categorize your Wedding Guestlist. blog.  This groups ranges from about 10 to 30 people in attendance and not to worry if someone special can't make it have someone video chat them during the actual reveal! 

4. Gender Reveal Party Themes.

There are many themes to incorporate in the decorations and games for the Gender Reveal Party. We have the classic pink and blue representing boy or girl where the alternating colors fill the room claiming each team. To get a little fancy you can have Tux or Tutus where the guest can wear either outfit depending on their guess (that would be fun to see! lol). Others include Minnie or Mickey Mouse, Dolls or Trucks, and Cosmos or Beer. Be creative and make it your own style!

5. Here is what we all came for...

Let us know! Is it a GIRL? or  Is it a BOY? The most popular way to reveal the gender is the releasing of the balloons. Usually a decorated box is opened and the balloons flow out causing immediate burst of screams full of joy as if your favorite football team just won the Super Bowl. To add a bigger effect use colored smoke bombs that will give your guest the full experience of the surprise!  

Join the conversation and tell us how you announced the gender of your child to your loved ones. Leave a comment below or tweet us (@TBI_Events)