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Brides-To-Be: 3 ways to categorize your Wedding Guest List

He asked! You said, "YES". Now comes the infamous social media post of the ring. Outpouring of congrats commented on your picture from all 3,000 social media friends and followers. You are so excited and because you and hubby-to-be are the IT couple every one wants to be invited to the wedding of the year. Oh, we literally mean EVERYONE. So of course you would love to do that but inviting everyone means more money; so who makes the list? There are 3 types of guests below and don't forget to click to get our Guest Eliminator Sheet to help narrow your list down.

Tweet the mantra now: "Yes, I'm going from Miss to Mrs. and you're invited! Well maybe?" 

The no questions asked invited guests. Everyone knows without a doubt there are set people in their lives who should be invited. These guests include immediate family and the friends who you tell your secrets to. For example, of course you are inviting: mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, your siblings, and Aunt Edna! This is a good place to start for the list of definite guests. The friends on this list are usually in the wedding party or the guest that you would give VIP seating to at the ceremony and reception. These are the guest you DO NOT want to forget to invite! 

The definitely NOT invited guests. This is also a no-brainer. We all know who we do not want at our wedding. It may seem silly but make a list of the people that fit into this category. Trust us, this list will be essential while you are making the next category's list. We all know that sometimes the "Not Invited" sneaks onto the final list somehow because we start to reason with ourselves on why they should come. Remember: this is your day and you want to spend it happily with the least amount of drama. As Kenny G put's it, "I've learned that you simply can't control those bad vibes."

The come celebrate with me guests. It says it all in the name of this group: The group of people who you want to share this experience with and will CELEBRATE with you! First start with your cousins and extended family members. Stay truthful with yourself when adding. Have you spoken to them in the past year? Would you invite them to hang out on a regular Saturday night? Would you remember their name when you see them (especially certain extended family members)? If you answered no to any of these questions; they do not make the list. For more help get our Guest Eliminator Sheet. 


 Now you are moving through your guest list with ease! Trust us, we know eliminating people are not for the faint of heart; but it has to be done.