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April Fools or April Showers?

Happy Birthday!!!!

April 1st is one of the most humorous holidays of the year. But guess what else; its your BIRTHDAY! I for one have a sibling born on the day of jokes and know how it becomes a day of tricking him rather than celebrating him. So what do you do? How do you turn this day into a celebration of your life; not April Fools? Do not worry; below are 3 party ideas to keep you amused and your loved ones excited about celebrating your birthday.

1. Throw a GLOW IN THE DARK party! This works for both children & adults while keeping up the mystery of April Fools but YOU as the main focus. Imagine painting activities, club music, dancing, glow sticks, etc. The decor and explosion of fun will have guest talking about your party for the rest of the year! And guess what? Next year they will be anticipating YOUR birthday not April Fools Day.

2. Get Away!!! Its always a good excuse to go on vacation and whats better than your birthday? Break out the passport and go to a secluded island with the people you love the most or alone. Wake up to the sound of crashing waves, a relaxing massage, and all the perks of luxury living. Ahhhhhh I can smell the ocean right now.

3. Join in the fun! Stay a step ahead of everyone else. Become the master of April Fools jokes. Everyone will know this day was made in honor of you! The original inventor of pranks. Master of tricks. Original prankster. These are the names you will become known by. April Fools will officially be changed to "insert name" Day!

All in all have fun; laughter is good for the soul. If all the jokes and constantly hearing "April Fools" instead of "Happy Birthday" leaves you feeling forgotten on your birthday. Try these celebration ideas and remind people its your day too!!