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4 Brides Talk Best Gifts Given At Wedding

Contrary to popular belief; the excitement does not end at the Wedding and Honeymoon. Opening heaps of gifts from your loved ones top off the Wedding festivities! We have 4 Brides talking about the best gifts they were given on their wedding day.  

Photo by Crate & Barrel

Photo by Crate & Barrel

1. Ocean Front Dinner

Arianna Taboada (@ariannataboada) was given an dinner at an oceanfront restaurant. "We just enjoyed the night and did not see the check!" What a perfect way to take a night out as newlyweds and order what ever you want without any worries.

2. Membership to Costco

Priscille Joseph (@LaPriscilleDesign) was given an exclusive Costco Membership Card and Costco Gift Card. "This helped us stock up on groceries the first week we moved in together after the wedding. Food is a necessity and not having to spend hundreds right after the wedding was such a blessing!"  

Photo by: Crate & Barrel 

Photo by: Crate & Barrel 

3. Adopted Olive Tree from Italy

Jennifer Feldstein (@TheLastMinuteBride) was given a subscription to Extra Virgin Olive Oil and an Olive Tree from Nudo Adapt. "We've even kept the subscription for the last 3 years. It's 100% pure EVOO and one of the quarterly shipments gets infused EVOO and the Basil is our favorite!"

4. Strawberry Plants

Emily Sutten from The Hawthorne Homestead was given hanging baskets with strawberry plants and white baccopa. "She transplanted some strawberry plants from her patch and it gave me strawberries all summer. I eventually moved them to a perennial food garden and i still reap the benefits from my lovely gifts!" 

These gifts were given with the bride in mind and are still used till this day. When giving gifts this upcoming wedding season think of the most practical and useful items for the couple. What are some gifts you wish your loved ones would give you?


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