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A Brides Guide to a Wedding Website


Wedding websites are becoming more and more popular as so much of our lives exist online. They are also an  easy solution to getting information to your guests about your wedding. Your planning process will be much easier for you and you  guests; especially out-of-town guests.

Despite this, many brides tend to be intimidated by the idea of setting up a website. Web design is hard, right? How do you know what you should include?

By the end of this post you will be more confident in building your wedding website!

Photo:  Ladun   

Photo: Ladun  


1. Where to Start


This is your special day and you need a site expressing you as a couple (of course it has to be beautiful)! That means you should probably use a platform like Squarespace or TheKnot to easily setup a beautifully designed site. If you don’t want to DIY it at all, there are tons of great web-designers to hire who love projects like this.


2. What  Should it  Look  Like

 The design of your site should match your wedding vibe using these easy design elements:


   A. Colors


   Always stick with a light colored background and dark text, but match the color to the color scheme you’ve chosen for the wedding. You want the whole wedding experience to be cohesive.


   B. Shapes


   If you’re going for a floral and natural theme (especially if your wedding is outdoors) it’s cute to include flowers and floral designs as accents on the site. If you’re using hearts or stars a lot in your wedding decor, include those little touches on the site.


   C. Theme


   Some people go all-out with their wedding theme, like 1920s, farmhouse, classic, victorian, etc. Look for ways to make the colors, fonts, accents, and shapes compliment and match the theme you’ve chosen. It would be very confusing to your guests if you’re having a very formal wedding but your website is full of bubbles and bright neon colors.


3. What  to  Include


The best wedding websites show your guests all of the information about your wedding. Including the following functionalities, features, and details:


  • Most importantly - the date, time, and address of the event.
    (This should be front and center and maybe even appear more than once.)

  • Your registry or a link to it so your guests can buy your wedding gifts!

  • A map of where to easily locate the reception and ceremony. This will help your guests arrive on time and not miss you walking down the aisle. Maybe even include a photo of the outside of the venue(s) and your guest will recognize the venue and don’t get lost.

  • Information about the theme or dress code. This way no one feels over or under dressed.

  • A map of hotels located near the event. It’s nice to do some research and suggest the best hotels and their rates.

  • A schedule of the day. If someone can’t make the ceremony, it’s nice to let them know when the reception will be starting.

  • Transportation tips to venue (flight/airport info, driving directions, train suggestions, parking locations, etc.)

  • A contact form for guests to be able to RSVP, tell you if they are bringing a date, select their food choice, etc.


Of course it should be fun! Your Wedding Website is a place where your guests will come not only for information about the wedding, but also to get excited for this amazing party you’re about to throw.

Photo:  Ladun

Photo: Ladun


* Bonus

 Fun details to add:

- Add a countdown until the day.

- Gallery of your engagement photos/videos.

- Write cute bios of you and your partner.

- A timeline of your relationship is really popular (when you     met, your first date, your engagement, etc.).

- Include your hashtag for guests to use when they post selfies to social media (example: #allieplusgreg2016).


There you have it! You now have all the basics as well as a checklist for making sure your wedding website is as fantastic as the day itself! 

About the author: 

Allie is an all around Internet marketing enthusiast. Her favorite part of the process is designing and building websites for unique individuals and brands. But she loves the entire world of online marketing, from SEO to social media marketing to content creation. Her freelance business is built around affordability, education, and quality results for everyone, no matter their experience level.

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