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How to act surprised when he pops the question on Thanksgiving!

You want to know how to act surprised when he pops the question on Thanksgiving Day? (Even though you already knew it was coming.) You have been pinning, liking, commenting, and screenshotting every detail that is a must for your wedding. You also know this is the first Holiday in engagement season. So how do you act surprised when he gets on one knee on Turkey Day?

Here are the secrets below:   

Act Normal

Get your nails & hair done on schedule but close enough to be fresh on Thanksgiving day. Routine is key for him to think you do not have a clue. If you get dirty in the kitchen each year still get dirty in the kitchen. If you serve meals to the less fortunate every year do the same this year. Any disturbance to the regular routine may give him reason to believe you are on to him.

Embrace the moment.

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here. You have practiced your Omg face and tried to cue tears on notice. Let go of all of your practice and be present in the moment. This is the man of your dreams professing his love for you and for both of you to become one. Be in that moment.

And there you have it. The most important day that begins the rest of your life becomes a surprise for you after all. Its an indescribable moment that hits you with the reality of emotions. He is your breath of fresh air, your rock, the one you adore. Your fiance!

(shhhh) Congrats on your Thanksgiving Engagement #BrideToBe. I know it will happen too.