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The Top 3 Reasons to have a Private Dinner

"And the award for the best Man ever goes to..... YOU!" (Well after you pull off the greatest gift to give your girl ever!!) What type of gift is this? A Private Dinner for just the 2 of you. A woman appreciates when the man they love stops the noise of the world to focus only her. Like Rihanna says, "Make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world!" 

Photo by: Mascko TV

This is how she will feel when a night just for her is created that gives her all of your attention, some of her favorites, and custom keepsakes to have forever. Below are the top 3 reasons to have a private dinner for that special girl in your world!  


Photo by: Mascko TV

1. Proposal! 

This is the moment she has waited for since the day she met you! A private dinner is the best way to ask and to celebrate the engagement (even if she wants her family there to witness the actual proposal). 


2. Just to say I appreciate you!

The best surprises are random. Whether she is a stay at home mom, busy with school, or a womanpreneur this is the best way to tell her you appreciate her efforts and all that she does. (I know I would love to walk in the house after a long day and my hubby set this up for me) And if you are in the doghouse; this will get you off of the couch!

3. Birthdays or Anniversaries!

Photo by: Mascko TV

To skip the crowds, traffic, and wait lists at restaurants a private dinner is the best solution. These personal holidays are geared to focus on each other and what better way than a quiet dinner to intimately reconnect.



The private dinner in the pictures above are of Abdul Jones and Seny Berte for her 30th birthday. (See full gallery here) He wanted to express how much she meant to him in a way he hasn't done before. "Something exclusive," explains Abdul.                                                                                            

Seny says, "My dinner was beyond beautiful and he really surprised me with a chef & romantic candlelit dinner! Amazing."

So fellas, let's start creating her special night

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